A farewell to Executive Director, Tom Cervenak

After 40 years with People’s Community Services, Executive Director Tom Cervenak will be retiring in March (2015). Although we are sad to see him go, we acknowledge him as the driving force behind the success of People's Community Services (PCS) and recognize his efforts to reach the different neighborhoods to provide more services. Specifically, Tom was responsible for the renovation and refurbishing of all three centers because of his persistence to gain community support such as PCS partner Chrysler.

While Tom first started out as a community organizer with People's Community Services, he committed himself to each position thereafter, including a youth worker and program supervisor - he was a neighbor helping other neighbors regardless of his job title. Tom's optimism and persistence resulted in numerous promotions within the organization until he reached his most senior position as executive director, serving 25 years in this position. Tom treated his position with respect and dignity by never losing sight of the PCS mission. Tom has strived for excellence in all endeavors to ensure the success of the organization and its ability to provide services to the most needy.

Throughout Tom's work, he consistently embodied the mission of People's Community Services and, as a fellow neighbor, was always helping other neighbors. To him, that is what People's Community Services is all about.
Besides the expansion of PCS to include the Delray Center, Tom sought community support where ever he could find it.

Although Tom will no longer be present on a day-to-day basis, his drive for social justice and motivation to serve others has made a great impact on staff, clients, and the community a a whole. Tom will serve as a model, a passionate and captivating leader, and his work will serve as a guide for others to emulate.

Thank you Tom for your commitment and service to the community! You will be missed greatly! Your impact is noticed and appreciated by many.

People's Community Services Mission Statement

An organization established 60 years ago, People's Community Services continues a historical interest of people in providing social services to the especially needy neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Detroit area, so as to meet the needs of the individuals & families of the community without regard to race, sex, age, or religion.