Join us in raising $60,000 for new roofs (shingles) for all 3 of our centers!

Raising funds to raise the roof

On February 8, we kicked off our capital campaign with the Shingle Mingle to raise $25,000 for new roofs.

Thank you to everyone who attended or donated an item to the silent auction!

Please consider making a donation to our new roofs!

Mural Unveiling

In September, People's Community Services held a mural dedication and open house to unveil the recently completed mural of the history of Delray at the Delray Neighborhood House. The mural was painted by Dennis Orlowski and took more than a year to complete. Through a generous gift from the Erb Family Foundation, he was assisted by youth attending the after school program. 

This collaboration allowed youth to explore the very unique environmental position the Delray neighborhood occupies, while learning different aspects of art from a professional.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the mural unveiling and open house!




The staff at People's Community Services appreciates everyone's support! Thanks again for coming!

5 Travel Tips for the Savvy Senior

Travel Tips for Seniors

Marie Villeza of ElderImpact wants to spread the word about safe travel for seniors and has written an article for People's Community Services. Her article includes travel tips and advice for our seniors who are planning any upcoming trips or vacations.

Many adventurers in their golden years are leaving their rockers home and going on major road and air trips to the destinations of their dreams. Their fountain of youth is travel.


If you’re one such senior on the cusp of leaving it all behind and going for it, here are a few top tips to guide you in organizing your trip. It’s never too late to have a second childhood.


When to Travel

Retired and able to travel whenever you want? Consider traveling during the shoulder seasons of the year (April through mid-June, or September-October). This has you missing out on crowds and summer heat in the Northern Hemisphere. For land and air travel, always seek the shortest and most direct travel times. 


Request seat assignment services in bus or airline rows that are for the handicapped. If you tire easily, take advantage of free wheelchair transportation service that exists at every airport origin, connection and arrival location. Take care to also inform the reservation system that you have special dietary needs, regarding meals served aboard a flight or cruise.


Travel Insurance

Because you need it more, travel insurance is costlier for seniors. Research how and whether your medical insurance is applicable abroad. Hunt for plans that waive pre-existing conditions, particularly if you are over 70. Pay particular attention to evacuation insurance when looking at additional travel insurance options. It covers the usually high expense of getting you to sufficient medical care in the event of an emergency – especially if you are too sick to fly on a commercial airline.


Pack Light

The art of packing light is one you should master for an easier time traveling. To lighten your travel suitcase, take fewer clothes and launder more often. Pack it all in a roll-aboard suitcase for optimal convenience. Work out ways to smoothly transport your luggage, so that you’re not overburdened by more than one bulky item. For instance, having a second bag attach or stack neatly on top of your main wheeled suitcase.


Be sure to take an extra pair of eyeglasses with you in case you lose your first pair. You may even take a magnifying glass with you to help you read the fine print on schedules and detailed maps. A small notebook for jotting down key information, such as your hotel address or airport subway stop, will help you considerably and keep your mind uncluttered and clear while lessening any anxiety about forgetting these important information details.


Make Safety Paramount

Unfortunately, thieves often target seniors and their empty residences. Before leaving for your vacation, make sure to bolt the main doors of your residence, leave the radio on, set the alarm, inform your neighbors of your vacation plans, and have a relative or neighbor pick up the mail for you to ward off any potential intruders.


While traveling, be extra cautious in high-traffic urban areas or travel centers. Carry a money belt worn under her top or a Passage Wallet hidden under clothing by a neck cord. Male seniors can hide their wallet in their pants, attached to a belt cord. Keeping your person and money safe is paramount.


Medication Management

Most seniors take multiple medications once or several times a day. Carry an alarm watch to remind you to take your medications, or if you’re savvy with a smart phone, download a specialized app for the purpose.      


A Final Thought

With ample foresight and planning, double checked by a younger relative, and following the above tips, you should have a safe, enjoyable trip. Take your time about everything, as you are on vacation after all, but remain wary and cautious, just in case. After taking care of your person and valuables first, go ahead and soak in the sunshine and fresh air of your piazza view in Tuscany, or enjoy your sip of a floral wine at a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. In your golden age, you deserve it!     

Article compiled by Marie Villeza of ElderImpacct ( |

Youth enjoy a day of painting

The youth at PCS enjoyed a day of painting their little library. This project was generously donated by Rx for Reading Detroit.

Strides for Seniors Campaign

This year, People's Community Services is participating in the month-long Strides for Seniors Campaign focusing on 3 key issues senior residents face:

1) Health Maintenance, 2) Proper Nutrition, and 3) Transportation

The campaign ends with a walk and expo at Palmer Park on Saturday, September 24, 2016.To learn more, please visit and WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Social Work Interns Empower Youth

Pictured to the right, mural artist Dennis Orlowski orientates the social work interns at People's Community Services to the mural project at the Delray Neighborhood House. The two interns, Christina Castillo and Spencer Harbo, currently attend the University of Michigan and are completing their Master of Social Work degrees. Through this program, they chose People’s Community Services as their internship site.

Christina is specifically working on developing opportunities for University of Michigan athletes to mentor and visit youth at People’s Community Services. Through this partnership, Christina anticipates the athletes will visit the Delray Neighborhood House during the summer months at People’s Community Services when youth attendance is exceptionally high. She is also planning a trip for youth to visit the University of Michigan for a campus tour.

Spencer, who is dually enrolled in the School of Natural Resources and Environment and School of Social Work, is utilizing his expertise to develop an environmental component for the afterschool and summer programming at People’s Community Services.

With an anticipated funding award, the summer environmental program would involve teaching youth about healthy soil, water, and air. Youth would also learn about recycling and composting and would be involved in a youth-led community garden at the Delray Neighborhood House. This garden would be used to educate students about the health benefits of locally grown produce.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact the Delray Neighborhood House at 313-554-3111.

EPIC Services!

People's Community Services is proud to say that we have developed a new brand, not only for the youth program, but for the entire agency itself.

People's Community Services is Empowering People In Communities (EPIC) by providing strength-based, person-centered and positive youth-led programming throughout Metropolitan Detroit.

People's Community Services programs include:
- EPIC Senior programs
- EPIC Basic Needs Programs

Mission Statement

An organization established 60 years ago, People's Community Services continues a historical interest of people in providing social services to the especially needy neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Detroit area, so as to meet the needs of the individuals & families of the community without regard to race, sex, age, or religion.