Neighborhood Development

Shared Facilities
Focus Hope: Boxes of food from Focus Hope are available to families and seniors in need once a month at the Mayson Center.
Adult Education: Hamtramck Public Schools use and access the Mayson Center to conduct adult education classes and tutoring.
Advocacy and Collaboration
Block clubs and Neighborhood Groups: PCS works directly with local residents to start block clubs and to form collations of these community groups. We provide technical assistance, clerical help and meeting space.
Coordination Councils: The agency works in a leadership role with several local councils and groups to coordinate the provision of human services in South West Detroit and Hamtramck. These groups include Southwest Detroit Community Policing and SW Grafitti-Free.
Environmental Issues: PCS has works extensively with Delray residents concerning the area pollution and graffiti. PCS also provides agency and material support to Bridgewatch, the organization who tackles issues of safety and pollution with Ambassador Bridge traffic.
Agency Representation: The agency is strongly represented on local planning councils, in the non-profit community and with community groups.
Housing Development: The agency worked with a special Hamtramck Task Force to set up a Community Development Corporation (CDC) to acquire and renovate homes. The agency continued assisting the Hamtramck Community Development Corporation to obtain MSHDA grants to build 6 new homes in Hamtramck.
Wayne County Health Department
Hamtramck Adult Educaiton
Matrix Human Services
University of Michigan