PCS offers a wide variety of effective and popular programs that address many issues. 
Every service is FREE to the public.

Senior Well-Being

The quality of a society can be judged by how its elders are treated. PCS is committed to providing a little extra help to those elderly who need it, such as low-income seniors are at risk of institutionalization or homelessness as their physical condition deteriorates. Our senior services give much needed care to seniors who might otherwise require nursing home care.

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In partnership with SMART and The City of Highland Park, we provide at no cost, transportation to Highland Park seniors for doctor's appointments and other important needs.  Also, transportation to medical appointments are available to Hamtramic seniors.  To schedule a ride, call (313) 365-1718.

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In Home

PCS' presence helps to foster a sense of community and help all within develop, as a community and as individuals, to their full potential. PCS strives to meet its mission by encouraging positive community development through agency resources and support.