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Able to Play     


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Imagine a childhood in which monkey bars are out of reach, swings are too dangerous, and slides don't accommodate you. For too many children with special needs-especially children who are physically challenged-play can be restricted and frustrating.

Children with certain disabilities are kept from using traditional play environments. However, simple changes can make profound differences such as ramps or raised sandboxes where children in wheelchairs can play.

In response, the National Center for Boundless Playgrounds is leading ABLE TO PLAY in collaboration with Center for Creative Play. The ABLE TO PLAY Project was launched with a lead gift from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan. ABLE TO PLAY is a special effort to create barrier-free, socially inviting and developmentally advantageous playgrounds for children of all abilities throughout the state of Michigan.

People's Community Services has committed to building an ABLE TO PLAY playscape at the new Delray Neighborhood House that will expand opportunities for play and friendship for children of all abilities. The current playground equipment is over 40 years old and the only equipment in a 20 block radius. A new playscape will be a  perfect complement the new addition to the Delray Neighborhood House (scheduled for completion in 2005).

PCS has committed to a $200,000 �Able to Play� playscape project in Delray and as our first step, we have received a $25,000 planning grant and a $25,000 matching grant from Boundless Playgrounds to partially assist in the installation of this play area.

On Tuesday, October 21, PCS will hold its Annual Dinner and Meeting fundraiser-Field of Dreams, PCS Being Able to Play. The net proceeds of this event will be used to provide matching funds for building the Able To Play playscape.