Neighborhood Development

People's Community Services promotes neighborhood development through various initiatives and partnerships. People's Community strives to collaborate with and advocate for the community. PCS continually seeks ways to come together to empower community members and create positive change in their neighborhoods.

Advocacy & Collaboration

Block Clubs & Neighborhood Groups

PCS works directly with local residents to start block clubs and form coalitions of these community groups. We provide technical assistance, clerical help, and meeting space.

Coordination Councils
The agency works in a leadership role with several local councils and groups to coordinate the provision of human services in Southwest Detroit and Hamtramck. These groups include Hamtramck United Services and the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition.

Environmental Issues
PCS has worked extensively with residents concerning area pollution and graffiti. We have also been instrumental in providing meeting space for residents to voice their opinions regarding the new US/Canadian bridge, which stands to impact their homes, families, and neighborhoods.

Agency Representation
The agency is strongly represented on local planning councils, in the nonprofit community, and with community groups.

Housing Development
The agency worked with a special Hamtramck Task Force to set up a Community Development Corporation (CDC) to acquire and renovate homes.

Housing & Homeownership

In partnership with the City of Hamtramck and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, PCS offers homeownership counseling to families who are purchasing a home in Hamtramck as a part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2.  

Counseling is provided on budgeting, homeownership responsibilities, foreclosure prevention, basic banking, etc. Eligible families are qualified through the City of Hamtramck and are plaintiff class purchasers through Garrett v. Hamtramck.  

The Neighborhood Center has been the site for homeownership classes in partnership with the National Faith Home Buyers Initiative as well as serving as the primary site for qualifying, informational meetings, closings, and other sessions all related to this multimillion dollar housing project.

Shared Facilities

PCS facilities are recognized in the community as a hub for a variety of services such as employment, alcoholics anonymous (AA) meetings, food programs, educational programs, advocacy meetings, coordinating efforts, block clubs, etc. Each week, a variety of organizations are present at the Centers to offer programming and services.

As part of our basic needs program, Supplemental Commodity Food Boxes from Focus Hope are available to mothers with young children and seniors in need once a month at the Hamtramck Center.

Hamtramck Public Schools use and access the Hamtramck Center to conduct adult education classes and tutoring.