Summer Day Camp

Recreation and Leisure
Recreation is a key component of a community's health and socializing important influences, positive or negative, and social development. PCS provides many opportunities.
Open Recreation: youth have the equipment and facilities to participate in pick-up games and open recreation.
Delray Neighborhood House Mayson Hamtramck Neighborhood Center
  • basketball (indoor)
  • weight-training
  • baseball
  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • volleyball
  • soccer
Team Sports: PCS sponsors teams in mini-leagues. Group sports conducted include basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and hockey.
Leisure Activities: PCS common rooms are cozy places to socialize and enjoy a game of ping-pong, pool, foosball, air hockey, or any number of board games. The children also get quality interaction with adult PCS staff in a structured manner.

Academics, Technology, Literacy & Arts

Developing young minds is central for creating well-rounded, contributing adults. Even when schools can do their job, we provide these exposures in a relaxed atmosphere that can be more conducive to learning.
Tutoring: staff and college volunteers are available to help youth with homework and problem areas every afternoon.
Reading Is Fundamental: R.I.F. is an outreach program designed to motive kids to pursue reading. We have discovered that in many cases the books handed out by R.I.F. are the first the child has owned. Our program has distributed books to 7,000 children in 16 Detroit area schools.
Computer Labs: Each computer lab has eight state of the art computers with high-speed Internet connections that (monitored for inappropriate material) are provided for students to do homework, use learning software, or just explore their own interests on the Web.
Fine Arts: Youth are exposed to beginning techniques and history of art.  This is a great outlet for youth to express their feelings. Activities include painting, modeling, and trips to the museum.
Hamtramck Mural Project: A professional artist is working with the Center's kids, as models and painters, to create a 160 foot mural depicting the history of Detroit.