Youth Stay in School

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The United Way funds the Stay In School program and is run at both the Hamtramck Neighborhood Center and Delray Neighborhood House. This program focuses on making a difference in children's lives through tutoring, classes, and counseling. We monitor improvements among the children in order to accurately report changes in key indicators. This reporting is essential to document how we are helping our youth stay in school and reach their full personal development.

Major Benefits of Program

Improvements in academic achievement and grades
Increase in life skills and healthy development

Better peer and adult relationships
Recreation & Leisure

Recreation is a key component of a community's health and fosters social development among youth. PCS provides many opportunities for recreation and socializing for our community's youth.

Open Recreation
Youth have the equipment and facilities to participate in pickup games and open recreation.

Able to Play
PCS is proud to house a Boundless Playground at the Delray Neighborhood House. This Playground allows all children to play regardless of their physical challenges.

Team Sports
PCS sponsors teams in mini-leagues. Group sports are also conducted and include basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and hockey.

Leisure Activities
PCS common rooms are cozy places to socialize and enjoy a game of ping-pong, pool, foosball, air hockey, or any number of board games. The children also get quality interaction with adult staff in a structured manner. Each year, PCS provides recreation to nearly 2,000 neighborhood youth at the various sites.

Academics, Technology, Literacy & Arts
Developing young minds is central for creating well-rounded, contributing adults. Even when schools can do their job, we provide these exposures in a relaxed atmosphere that can be more conducive to learning.

Staff and college volunteers are available to help youth with homework and problem areas every afternoon.

Computer Labs: Each computer lab has eight state of the art computers with high-speed Internet connections (monitored for inappropriate material) and are provided for students to do homework, use learning software, or just explore their own interests on the Web.

rts & Crafts. This component attempts to be more than busy work, but also an exposure to beginning techniques and history and to be an outlet for youth's feelings. Activities for the 6 to 12 set include painting, modeling, and trips to the museum.

Hamtramck Mural Project: At the Mayson Center in Hamtramck, a professional artist worked with the Center's kids, as models and painters, to create a 160 foot mural depicting the history of Detroit.

People's Community Services has received funding from the United Way this year to provide family resources that will help meet the basic needs for those living in Hamtramck.  In order to determine the success of these clients a data tracking system is utilized that measures the types and quantity of service a client received and how successful a client is in achieving economic stability, educational goals, parenting skills and a plan for the future.  Families are serviced at the Hamtramck Neighborhood Center.

Key Benefits

Community members develop a Self-Sufficiency Plan
Basic Needs Can be met
Community members gain resources they need to succeed
Citizens returning from incarceration are helped with Resume preparation, interviewing skills and other basic needs so they can successfully reintegrate with their families and their community.